The Country House “Il Pellegrino” is set in the peaceful mountain hamlet of Pelosa, in the province of La Spezia (not very far from the coast of Liguria in fact). Even though Pelosa is under the administration of the ligurian port-city of La Spezia, it is by all means in the territory of Val di Taro, valley which starts and develops itself entirely in Emilia. This is due to the political boundaries of the two regions, which doesn’t take into much consideration the more natural geographical boundaries, making Pelosa an interesting melting pot of different traditions, including the very different culinary backgrounds which Emilia and Liguria both present.

Here is our address:

Loc. Pelosa, 201

19028 Varese Ligure (SP) ITALY

How to find us by train:

The nearest railway station is that of Borgo Val di Taro. For anyone wishing to stay for a few nights we offer a shuttle-bus service to the station. Via advanced booking it is also possible to request a taxi service.

And by car:

Following the Cisa Motorway (the A15 Motorway) which joins Parma to La Spezia, take the Borgotaro exit. Carry on following road-signs for Chiavari. The towns and villages found on the way will be (in the following order): Borgo Val di Taro, Gotra, Bertorella, Barbigarezza, Sugremaro, Villa, Isola di Compiano, Bedonia, Piane di Carniglia, Pontestrambo. Pelosa is just after the 105th km of the main road (“Strada Provinciale n.359R of Salsomaggiore Bardi”), which starts from Bedonia and leads on towards Chiavari.

Coming from the coastal area of Chiavari we advise drivers to take the main road “Strada Statale n. 225” to then get back on the “Strada Provinciale n.3 of Borgonovo”, this time with direction Parma. Follow then all indications for Parma; the towns and villages found on the way will be: S. Maria di Sturla, Mezzanego, Borgonovo, Montemoggio, Passo del Bocco, Giaiette, S. Maria del Taro, Cerosa Lazzini, Case Fazzi. Pelosa is just after the 106th km of the main road (“Strada Provinciale n.359R of Salsomaggiore Bardi”).

For those who rely on satellite navigators and tom-toms and cannot find Pelosa, search S. Maria del Taro if coming from Borgo Val di Taro or otherwise Bedonia if coming from Chiavari.

If necessary input the following coordinates: N 44°26.370’, E 9°33.421’.